Job Advancement: Eleven Golden Rules For Career Success

Job Advancement: Golden Rules For Career Success


There are thousands of skills available and there are many alternate paths to be successful depending on the career you choose more important it depends on the approach that works best for you. However, there are some common things that define successful individuals. Backgrounds or circumstances they cultivated a few extra things to get job advancement and promotion what they deserved -and that defined their personality and make their success possible.

Success in the job does not come from heaven. However, those wishing to ascend have to internalize some principles in order to take their professional fate into their own hands. Here are the most important tips on the topic of job advancement from some of the best motivation trainers, career coaches, and experts.

Job Advancement Golden Rules For Career Success


Unlike about ten years ago, experience abroad and internships are an absolute must for anyone who wants to advance professionally. This is also due to the fact that other skills are required today, Large companies operate internationally, so you need an intercultural understanding of the relevant regions. In addition, managing virtual teams – that is, employees who are not physically on-site – is becoming increasingly important. These skills can only be acquired “on the job” and on-site abroad. Even job rotation in a large company helps to understand organizations in their entirety.


Design a flexible strategy – In the past, careers could be planned, but today they are only conditional. Nobody can expect to be promoted more or less automatically at a company two years after starting their job, In my opinion, it makes sense to have a so-called Plan B ready for the next few years when starting a new job. You always have to ask yourself: What do I do if it doesn’t work out in this company? As a career alternative, not only a permanent position with a competing company comes into question, but also going abroad, where my skills may be particularly in demand. The path to independence can also be a sensible alternative.


Invest time in networks – Contacts that are made at training courses, congresses, and evening appointments, as well as existing contacts with former colleagues and superiors are invaluable for job advancement. It is crucial that the contacts are as broad as possible and not limited to the company in which you are currently working, advice experts. People who have diverse professional contacts are more successful than others, as evidenced by an American study, according to which more than half of all engineers found a new job through a personal connection. Only 16% percent of those surveyed described the intensity of the connection as “regular”. In this case, mass comes before class.


If you really want to achieve something, you need strength and willpower even under the best conditions. Sometimes people lack the link between“ wanting ”and“ acting ”. In my experience, it usually takes courage, People who can name their goals and who are able to signal to the outside world that they are pursuing them have an advantage over others.


When it comes to promoting your career, you should be goal-oriented. You have to ask yourself: What is realistic? If I want a raise, I can’t expect to get double in the next year. Many make the mistake that they do not specify this. The wish “I want to continue my education in order to advance in my job” was also formulated too broadly. The project is only concrete enough when you have registered for a suitable course.


Working people achieve goals best in small stages. Step by step is the motto, so always take one step at a time. Therefore, you should not only keep an eye on the goal but also the path that leads to it. If an athlete wants to take part in the Olympics, he needs a good training plan. Milestones also bring success, which continues to motivate.


Clear deadlines should be set so that a project does not just stay hot. In this way, progress can be monitored and you can avoid losing sight of your goal. Experts recommend using the “smart” formula when pursuing goals. Accordingly, goals must be specific (“s”), measurable (“m”), appropriate (“a”), relevant (“r”) and timed (“t”).


Search for role models – Follow the professional biographies of people who have the same educational background and skills as you do. This gives you a feel for what career paths are possible. Studies also found that: the search for a mentor to support our own career to be extremely useful. In the opinion, The “temporary sponsorships” pay off especially for women: Mentoring is the only effective measure to effectively support women on their career path.


Improve communication skills – In the Internet age, information is only a click away from others. With knowledge alone and good final grades, nobody makes a career today. Communicative skills have become significantly more important in professional life. Everyone can acquire these skills and learn tricks that can be used to be more successful and easier to understand. Participation and regular refreshment of rhetoric, conflict management, or presentation training is therefore essential.

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People who seem sovereign seem to be able to cope with any situation and radiate intellectual independence that many envy. Professionally, they have an advantage over others. According to experts, sovereignty is first and foremost the ability not to be provoked and to act independently: Sovereignty means allowing others to give you feedback, but then making your own decisions.


Only those who can make their performance visible to others, externally will be professionally successful in the long run. The next wave of job advancement and promotion is guaranteed to pass by employees who work secretly, quietly, and quietly in their office walls. The biggest delusion is to believe that it is enough if I am good. “No, you need a bright spot to be seen,”  advised experts. Self-PR means: becoming audible and visible. Open your mouth, take a position, win a profile.