How To Find One Job That Really Suits You

Is there a dream job for each of us? There are definitely ways to get closer to it. What you should consider when looking for the optimal position & How to find one job that really suits you.

The aspects that motivate us at work are very individual. For some, it is a high salary, for others the greatest possible flexibility, and for others, the tasks have to be new and varied again and again. Whatever defines the perfect job for you – with this three-step plan you can get a lot closer.

Find A Job That Is Okay

Those who are very dissatisfied with their current professional situation often think: Get out of here as quickly as possible. As understandable as the thought of a choleric boss, overtime without end or absolute underpayment is: It is not an optimal starting point to find your dream job. In this case, it is best to be prepared for the fact that the next job may not be for life – if this concept still exists in today’s working world.

You just want to get out of your current situation, and probably as quickly as possible. To get a clear head, you should first look for a job that is okay for you. Which covers your most important needs and with which you can live for a while. From this more relaxed situation, you can then clarify what your real dream job looks like – and what you need and need to do to get it.

Sharpen Your Personal Brand

If you know exactly what you want and where you want to go, you can create a plan. What are the next steps? This could be, for example, further training in a specific subject area or simply streamlining your resume. The goal should be to sharpen your personal brand and start looking for a job that really suits you with a clear profile.

So think carefully about what you need to bring to your optimal position and how you want to be perceived. Spread this clear brand across all channels: set up your resume accordingly, sort out old and no longer relevant stations, and optimize your digital accounts, for example on LinkedIn.

Position yourself as an expert in the area you want to go to. The more pointed your profile is, the greater your chances of really standing out from the crowd and addressing the right companies.

Negotiating Both Salary and Job Description

Now you can apply for suitable jobs. You will quickly notice in the conversations that you will be perceived very differently if you act from a strong and clear position. And you should go on like this. Because to get closer to your dream job, you shouldn’t make too many compromises on the way.

When companies are looking for new employees, they usually have an idea of ​​what the ideal candidate looks like. However, there is often scope here. So you shouldn’t just see what else you can figure out in terms of salary and vacation days. In terms of content, you can clearly communicate what you want. So if more responsibility or a certain topic is important to you, you may still be able to negotiate something here.

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If you are seriously looking for the right job for you, it can be very helpful to not just accept a reasonably suitable job – just to complete the search. After all, the new position should be a significant improvement over your current position and bring you closer to your goal. Don’t lose sight of that.