Bone Broth Benefits: A Healthy Superfood Diet


Bone broth is healthy there’s no question about it but it has a lot more benefits! Unfortunately, the “old” recipes from Grandma’s kitchen are getting more and more out of our memory and are often replaced by powder and tablets. But if we spurn the unknown parts of meat – joints, cartilage, and marrow – we miss a great opportunity for many reasons. And especially in times of Corona, the immune system needs a turbo boost.



Bone broth is created by simmering animal bones for several hours from a species-appropriate manner. E.g. Chicken, beef, veal, or lamb. Bone broth provides vitamins, minerals, and many essential amino acids.

Make your own Bone broth recipe!

These bones or parts of the animal that are used less often provide precisely the vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids that lean meat lacks. This is where the bone broth comes in. Their gelatin contains many essential amino acids that help athletes when they train, compete, and want to recover from the strain of intense physical exertion.

Additional gelatin can increase an athlete’s performance by more than 200% percent. Studies show that 15 grams of glycine plus hard training improve dexterity, renew muscle tissue, increase muscle strength, and prevent fatigue.

The following are some major bone broth benefits explained.


Bone broth strengthens the immune system Glutamine, also an essential amino acid contained in bone broth supports the immune system, reduces muscle breakdown, and helps the tired body to regenerate faster. When we are overworked, especially after exercising or after an intense workout, the muscles release glutamine to the blood to promote recovery. This weakens the muscles.

However, if we drink broth after training, we can replenish the glutamine stores and this negative consequence does not even occur. Some athletes make amazing mistakes when injured. Constantly hard training can damage cartilage and joints, torn ligaments, and put considerable strain on the bones. When an athlete drinks broth every day, he continuously supplies nutrients to joints, connective tissue, and to the skeleton.


Amino acids and anti-inflammatory substances in the broth make injuries less likely. Unfortunately, many injured athletes are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen to suppress the inflammation and relieve the pain. These drugs can damage the stomach lining. Holistic treatment with bone broth, on the other hand, relieves inflammation after an injury and accelerates healing.

The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team’s nutritionist/doctor has been prescribing bone broth to players for years – with amazing results. When her star player Kobe Bryant sprained his ankle heavily, it looked as if he couldn’t play anytime soon. But thanks to the bone broth, he returned after two games. Bone broth is a healthy buffer for athletes and active people. It promotes muscle strength, protects bones & muscles, and accelerates recovery after injuries.


Lose weight with broth – Most bone broth health effects are related to lifestyle, eating habits, and healing properties. But it is also a great help if we want to lose weight. Nobody should consider bone broth just as a meal replacement. Enriched bone broth contains additional fatty acids, many useful vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, but it cannot meet the daily requirement for these substances alone.

Weight loss should always be carefully planned and combined with sufficient exercise and a heart-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, natural diet. In addition, bone broth is a perfect nutrient supplier that, unlike unhealthy but convenient snacks, satisfies hunger until the next meal.


More energy with a cup of broth – The extra boost of energy is only a few cups of bone broth a day. This elixir not only contains a lot of nutrients, minerals, protein, and vitamins that regenerate the body. Bone broth can also replace some drinks that make us lethargic, listless, and inactive: Sugared energy drinks, lemonade, and too much caffeine trigger short-term energy spurts – but these are usually followed by violent, unwanted crashes because the adrenal glands are exhausted.

In addition, these drinks are full of preservatives, chemicals, and dyes. Bone broth is also a warming source of energy. Their protein and nutrients give your metabolism a powerful boost. On top of that, if you eat invigorating stews and soups made from broth, take a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that protects the body from inflammation, indigestion, and other stressors that are related to nutrition and sometimes prevent us from getting up and getting up to move us.

Studies show that people who prepare their own food and consciously eat a healthy diet do more exercise and enjoy their activity. Some consider this to be a personality trait, but the truth is that you feel more like being on your feet and moving your body when your body feels comfortable thanks to your nutritious food.


Inflammation can be useful if the body uses it to react to dangerous infections and wants to repair tissue. If you injure yourself, burn yourself, or have a splinter in your skin or dust in your eye, inflammation causes the tissue to swell, feel hot, turn red, and hurt. The immune system then sends white blood cells to either eliminate or destroy the intruder. Such situations are called an innate immune response, a natural reaction to foreign substances or stimuli.

As a process triggered by the immune system, inflammation also leads to an adaptive or learned immune response. It is present when the body is sick or attacked by pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Then the immune system must first learn what it is, destroys the attackers, and remember them the next time they attack. In this way, we become immune to certain diseases and, in the event of a subsequent infection, either not get sick or getaway with weaker symptoms. However, there is a risk that these physical reactions become chronic.


This is often due to external stressors such as nutrition or environmental toxins, which repeatedly cause inflammation. This damages the general health considerably. Not just the affected areas, because the body is constantly under stress and has to defend itself continuously. Foods that contain preservatives or refined oil, or that contain toxins such as chemicals or pesticides, contribute to chronic inflammation.

Therefore, chronic inflammation is often a key symptom of serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, overweight, arthritis, osteoporosis, cystic fibrosis, fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety. The symptoms of chronic inflammation can be managed with medication, but not cured. The best way to prevent inflammation is to start with a healthy diet consisting of anti-inflammatory foods. If you are prone to inflammation, you need to eliminate its causes in the environment or diet.

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Bone broth as a beneficial remedy – If you already have chronic inflammation caused by poor nutrition, illness, or environmental toxins, a healthier lifestyle can limit or even reverse the damage. For generations, people have trusted bone broth as a beneficial remedy. It alleviates, heals, and demonstrably prevents inflammation and its actual causes.

Summarized benefits of bone broth recipe:

  • Heal muscle and joint pain
  • Fight infections and diseases
  • Helps your liver detox
  • Increase minerals consumption
  • Increase digestion process
  • Makes your skin smooth
  • Repair bone damages
  • Heals a leaky gut
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Reduces inflammation

Eating healthy, exercising enough, and avoiding the potential triggers of inflammation can help alleviate or even get rid of this problem. Drink broth or add gelled broth to dishes every day.