Corona Crisis: How To Deal Prudently With Your Goals


You had big plans for 2020 – and now everything is different? Bestselling author and coach Michael Hyatt explains how to deal prudently with your goals and how to adjust your goals in times of crisis. when it’s time to say goodbye to something.

Whether you are not allowed to open your business, have to cancel planned events, or cannot present new products at a trade fair – the corona pandemic hits most entrepreneurs to the core. The many restrictions, profound changes, and the great uncertainty make “business as usual” impossible. Does this also make the goals obsolete that you set yourself personally and for your company?

“Do not hastily say goodbye to your goals,” advises the American entrepreneur, and author Michael Hyatt in his blog. However, he shows five ways to be careful with your goals in times of crisis.


“Don’t forget to celebrate success during this time,” said Hyatt. Perhaps you had planned to build excellent customer service for 2020. If you have managed to speak personally to five unsettled customers in the past few weeks, you have come to a significant step closer to this goal – and you should appreciate that.

You may not feel like celebrating it right now. It is enough to realize that you have achieved something even under adverse conditions.

Important: Share the joy of small successes with your team. Anyone can need good news at the moment.


Can’t keep scheduled deadlines? The path you used to reach a certain goal is now blocked?

Instead of completely rejecting your plans, try to adapt the goal to the new circumstances. A project deadline can be postponed from April 15 to May 15. Your goal was to make new contacts by attending three networking events over the next three months? Instead, take the initiative to actively participate in three webinars or online conferences and to exchange ideas with others.

“This way you can still achieve a goal, only in a slightly modified form,” says Hyatt.


There will be goals that you simply cannot achieve at the moment. For example, to organize a big event in order to have more personal contact with customers. Or get healthy by going for a jog or at the gym in the morning.

Hyatt advises replacing such goals if possible. Think about whether there is anything comparable that pays for the same result. “Maybe this way you can achieve your goal by other means.”

For example, you could plan to call a customer every day. Or do online fitness training thrice a week.


The next weeks and months will be tough. That’s why, according to Hyatt, it’s all the more important now to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Ask yourself:

  • What drives me?
  • Why does my company exist?
  • What makes me get up in the morning?
  • Why is it so important to hang in there right now?

Those who feel the passion for their work again will find it easier to pursue their goals.

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Some of what you set out to do may suddenly become irrelevant in times of crisis. Or is it simply not possible. Moving to other offices, the new product for which there is no longer a market. Michael Hyatt‘s Advice: Cross these goals off your list. According to Hyatt, it is up to you to set priorities and use your own and your team’s resources wisely.

“Even if the situation isn’t easy right now, you can still achieve a lot,” said, Hyatt. This knowledge gives you strength and self-confidence in difficult times – and it gets you into action.