David Goggins Quotes On Mental Toughness


These Quotes On Mental Toughness chosen from various internet sources including Interview, shorts clips, and the social media account of David Goggins.

David Goggins is a retired Navy Seal and ultra-endurance marathon runner. Goggins once held a record of maximum numbers of pull-ups performed in 17 hours. David Goggins can be described in three words which he actually likes to call himself “One Hard Motherf***er*. Simply put, the man is completely badass.

He is the author of the book named “Can’t Hurt Me“. In which he talks about the most crucial fundamentals to become mentally tough. Goggin’s share a lot of good strategies on how to develop and enhance a fearless mindset. He knows what pushes your mind and your body to the limits.

After reading his book and watching his interviews, you will realize why Goggins always talks about the idea of ignoring the voices in your head. And choosing to get out of your comfort zone in order to test yourself to see what you’re actually capable of!

According to Goggins, we only do 40% percent of what we are truly capable of regardless of how bad our situation is. moreover, he explained the reason behind it “We all have governor inside our brains and they restrict us from doing more and tells us to stay in our comfort zone” said Goggins.

You have to remove that governor and tap into your beast mode which exists inside all of us. “In order to achieve a fearless mindset, you have to seek pain like it’s your job,” says Goggins. We have to chase down pain, we have to face our fears every day. And by facing difficulties every single day over-time with consistency, you will be able to remove that governor.

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To simply put, you have to do everything that makes you uncomfortable and has some sort of pain involved. By challenging yourself every single day you’ll develop a mindset that will lead you to achieve your goals.