How To Find Your Passion - Success With The Inner Fire

How To Find Your Passion – Success With The Inner Fire


Those who like to do something passionately do it with more pleasure – and they are usually better at what they do. But what is behind this passion – and how do you find it?

“He’s passionate about his job.” Have you ever heard such a sentence – and wished you could say the same about yourself? Some people pursue their job with passion. They are enthusiastic about it – and almost automatically good at what they do. This helps them in many places in professional life.

Anyone who brings his enthusiasm in the interview has better chances for the desired job. Even with salary increases and promotions, enthusiastic people are considered more. Moreover, they have more and more joy in their job every day – a win-win situation. In this article, you will learn how the inner fire can help you achieve more success in the job.


Affect, enthusiasm, zest, ecstasy – these are just a few synonyms for the word passion. Those who are passionate, have a “great enthusiasm”, a “strong inclination, passion for something, for a certain activity, dedicated to devotion”. It is also said that someone has a weakness for something. All of these terms have a positive connotation. And that is why their importance should not be underestimated.

If you do your job with devotion, you make it with joy – and with energy. You are usually not only more effective in your activities. Your passion also often rubs off on others. It often happens that enthusiastic employees also infect their colleagues with the inner fire. And sooner or later your boss will realize with what enthusiasm you pursue your tasks. You probably also automatically bring in many ideas of your own – after all, you are fully involved. You go in your job. A wishful imagination? Unfortunately for many workers yes. It is not due to a lack of opportunities, but rather to the willingness to change.


Every person has certain things that he likes to do. For whom he is interested, for whom he has a soft spot, which lies in him simply. But not everyone is concerned with it professionally. A job that we pursue with passion holds great potential. But we need to know which areas trigger this passion.

Maybe you realize that, and the only question is if you dare make the necessary change to get a job that you really like. Or you simply do not know what you would really enjoy. There are several ways you can find that out.

Think about it: Was there a job you always wanted in your childhood? Often this childhood wish is a good indicator of an area that might be well suited. In other cases, the wish is outdated. That’s best appreciated. The question of what interests you privately also plays an important role. Maybe you’re following all the news about the Middle East conflict and have read quite a few books about it. You watch all the movies and you could talk about it forever. Why not occupy yourself then professionally? There are always ways when you are ready.

Also, what others say can give you clues. Who knows you well, can often accurately assess what suits you – sometimes better than you. Although you should decide in the end, what is really the right thing. However, the assessment of family and friends is often valuable.

Also, Activities are important. What do you enjoy most? Do you like to work? Do you like to solve tricky tasks? Or is drawing your passion? From such things can be done to know how to find your passion.


Passion in the job automatically creates enthusiasm. And if we like to do what we do, it will be easier for us. We are better at the job and often faster. That’s why passion and enthusiasm are important – on the one hand. On the other hand, that has limits. Many people expect too much emotion when it comes to their job. If they lack the “inner fire”, they question their entire life plan. However, that is often exaggerated.

For some people, the job is the purpose of their lives. This is not the case for many other people. The job should be personal and, at best, mostly fun. If that’s the case, that’s a good prerequisite. The job does not necessarily have to make sense. This is especially true if you weight other things anyway – such as your family life or the care of a particular hobby. However, if you are reluctant to work day after day, you should consider which profession suits you better.


As important as the enjoyment of one’s own actions may be in principle, not everything you do in the job, even if you have a passion for what you do. There will always be tasks that are annoying even in the best job. You should neither expect that everything is always 100% percent fun nor let it discourage you if a little more duty than free will.

Rather, it depends on how you face such an unpopular task. If you work them off without complaining, you’ve got them out of the way faster. There’s no point complaining about it. We tend to postpone unpleasant things. As a result, they burden us much longer than necessary – in the time when we actually do it, and in the time we know we still have to do it.

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If you hold a higher position, you can also consider whether you can delegate certain tasks to others. You do not have to do everything yourself. An example: As a small entrepreneur you are beating the search engine optimization of your website? Hire an agency to do the job for you – probably better than you could. And it will save you some time to do other important things which you enjoy doing.

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