70 20 10 Rule: A Method For Good Networking

Some can do it with little effort, while others find it extremely difficult to establish and maintain contacts. The 70-20-10 rule paves the way for network muffins to become relationship experts.

We all pretend to be networked – in social networks, job portals, or with important business partners. But be honest: How many of your 300 Facebook friends, phone, or LinkedIn contacts are you reliably in contact with?

The 70-20-10 rule is simple: 70% percent give help, 20% percent self-marketing and 10% percent ask for help – according to this formula, you should divide up your time budget for networking, as the US social media strategist Mike Sansone advised business coach Jason Kiesau.

Kiesau writes about the 70-20-10 rule on Lifehack.org.

70% Of The Time: Offer Help

Demonstrate to partners, customers, and employees that they can build on you and offer your support. Providing useful contacts, making a helpful call, or giving tips – ensure that the contacts in your network benefit from you.

What does that do for you? You build trust. Those who insist on help from their network prematurely without being a “source of trust”, as Kiesau calls it, are putting their delicate connections at risk. You might consider your acquaintances greedy, inconsiderate, or career-savvy – and in the worst case turn your back.

Increase trust by offering your help which works with old acquaintances from the address book as well as at an event where you don’t know anyone. Listen to people and join conversations as soon as an opportunity arises.

20% Of The Time: Convey Your Own Ideas

They have proven to be useful contacts and may even have become a sought-after contact person for difficult questions for some people. Now it is time to put yourself in the foreground.

What are you passionate about? Tell your counterpart – regardless of whether it is your favorite sport, the charitable project you are working for locally, or how you want to improve the working atmosphere in your company. Avoid sounding cocky and stay cautious – nobody likes showing off, advises Kiesau.

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10% Of The Time: Ask For Help

Build trust, gain sympathy, and convey your own ideas – you have done a great job so far. Now you can reap the rewards: ask your network for advice or help with problems.

But don’t overdo it: According to the 70-20-10 rule, only 10 percent of the time budget for networking is reserved for the active search for help – the rest is for maintaining relationships.