How Leaders Should Motivate Their Employees

Who wants to motivate his employees, should know what is really important to them: the bulging account at the end of the month – or rather coffee and flextime?

A study gives answers on how to motivate your employees. If you enjoy your work, you are more productive – most chiefs know that. But how can you motivate your employees to peak performance?


The importance of money as a motivational factor continues to decrease, an encouraging result for small and medium-sized business owners, who often can not pay as high as corporations. For two-thirds of working people, therefore, nice colleagues and interesting work content are more important than a full-filled account at the end of the month. “I do not want to practice a well-paid job that bores or stresses me” – eight out of ten respondents agreed in recent studies.

More than half of the employees feel comfortable in a familiar working atmosphere anyway: Only 42 percent of respondents would prefer a large group to a small owner-managed company. But what raises the work ethic, if not money? The most important  & simple motivational factors in the job I will present in this article.


Nothing is as important to employees as a good working relationship with colleagues and supervisors. Seventy-six percent of respondents are more motivated in their job when they get along well with colleagues and bosses. If you want to motivate your employees, you should ensure a good working atmosphere.

Also, 49% percent of employees value a friendly relationship with colleagues. They also want to cultivate contact with colleagues after work and to do something together. Clever bosses, therefore, pay attention to the fact that their team also works interpersonal.


Incentives defined as salary bonuses, awards, and competitions. It is imperative for a leader to create a system of offering incentives to workers. As setting targets among employees. This provides a platform to motivate employees to work even harder and increase their performance vs their colleagues. Also, it creates positive competition among workers which increases their work performance and boosts productivity.


Almost two-thirds of employees (64% percent) encourage flexitime or a working time account. For entrepreneurs, this means: Complete the time clock and enable flexible working hours for your employees!


Bosses who appreciate the work, done by their employees increase confidence in them and inspire them to improve their performance even more. Recognize workers who create the highest sales — praise them by personally congratulating them. This gives employees a strong impression that you’ve taken an interest in their work.


38 percent of respondents said that small touches such as flowers for a birthday or a bar of chocolate increase their motivation. By doing that employees feel special — Good to know for bosses who want to motivate their employees!


Counseling by the company doctor and prevention courses paid by the employer are good for the motivation: 42 percent of the employees work freer when they know that their company promotes the health of the employees.


43% of employees enjoy their job more often when working in groups. So you should rely on teamwork – but do not overdo it: Constant meetings are more annoying than motivating for many employees.


45 percent of respondents work more productively from their own point of view if the scenery in the office is right. Investing in attractively designed spaces can be worthwhile for entrepreneurs. And having green plants in the office raises the mood and ensure a better indoor climate. 40% percent of respondents can work better when plants are in the office. Also, for 45 percent of workers, free drinks at work are motivating for the job. So consider ordering a few boxes of mineral water right now.

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As a leader, you should always have faith in your employees. Believe in them, support them, and give them which is required to make them even better. Also, Not to mention! 40% percent of employees stated good coffee promotes motivation in the workplace. So, get them a good cup of coffee. 😉