Chunking Strategy: Motivate Yourself For Any Task

The chunking strategy is basically about taking an enormous task and breaking it down into small pieces. You can also make more efficient use of your short-term memory by organizing information – Chunking breaks up a large amount of information into small pieces. And small pieces of information are more manageable and easier to remember.

But, how it helps to motivate? One of the great examples of chunking strategy comes from one of the well-known magicians David Blaine.

David Blaine is known for his stunts of ultra-endurance. For one stunt he spent over 63 hours encased in a block of ice. So you can only imagine How much motivation and willpower that required. And David Blaine managed to make that happen by using the chunking method.

What exactly David Blaine did was, Instead of focusing on the total amount of hours – He wanted to spend in that block of ice. which was around at least 60 hours. He broke the hours into pieces.

At that moment – he would tell himself. That “he just has to make it through the next hour”. He did that repeatedly over and over again. Instead of 60 hours, he managed to stay in that ice block for 63 hours. So you can envision how well chunking worked out for him.

Why Chunking Strategy Works

The reason why this works is because our brain is efficient with our willpower. To conserve energy, We actually have an unlimited amount of willpower. But also we all get to a point — where our brain doesn’t want us to do more.

Whatever your task is and no matter how important it is for you – Your brain will tell you that you can’t do it. That is the reason why most people quit. That’s why the Chunking strategy is helpful for us. When you focus and fully pay attention to one little piece of your task. That’s when your brain says “We can do it”. Eventually, You get more motivation and confidence to do more work. And you build your way up to attain success in your tasks. It’s a great way to get extra willpower.

Using Chunking Strategy On a Daily Basis

A little example is — If you’re willing to write a five-page paper right now. Instead of thinking that you are going to finish the whole thing immediately. Tell yourself that you just have to finish one paragraph right now. And by doing this evidently, you’re going to get more willpower and motivation – On top of that it builds up your confidence level.

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I became more Productive after using this method. Not to mention! It can also be very helpful in improving your memory. Practicing chunking techniques regularly in your study habits. You might realize that you are able to remember more and process your brain more efficiently.