Take Care Of Your Mental Health – Simple Steps


Paying attention to mental health is as important as to the physical one. A few habits in everyday life can help to achieve or maintain your well-being.

It is about taking a positive attitude and pursuing activities that promote mental health. Strengthening personal psychological resources -One’s own assets and strengths- helps to better cope with critical situations in life.

The following elements are not “miracle remedies” but just a few approaches that can contribute to mental well-being.


Man is a social being, which is also realized through relationships with others. Some are more dependent on social contacts, others less dependent. It is important to nurture and nurture your relationships with your family, friends, neighbors or the community.

Sometimes you can share joy and sorrow with friends. One should overcome the need to take a step towards others and open oneself in order to maintain relationships, even if this is not always easy.

The fact of speaking to someone or listening to someone helps to bring order into his thoughts and reduce tension. Also, this gives certain ease. Talking about his concerns opens up new perspectives and can bring new solutions to life.

Conversation groups can offer different forms of support. In conversations with those affected, you can talk about your everyday life and share your feelings. This generally gives you the feeling of being understood without being put in a drawer.


In our society performance and perfection are paramount. However, man is not perfect and can be weakened. It is quite normal that you do not always feel powerful, happy or proud.

It is important to take the time to get to know yourself better by reading, talking to relatives or looking at your own actions. This can help to recognize one’s abilities and accept one’s personal limits.

It is normal for certain life events to be processed with strong emotions. This is even necessary and does not necessarily indicate disease. Sometimes it takes a little time. For that reason, it is good to encourage yourself to be benevolent to yourself. If necessary, you may ask your surrounding or a specialist for the support!


Paying attention to yourself is something very personal. There are many ways that each and everyone has to find for themselves. Movement is a good way to reduce tension. This can be sports, but also just a walk to get some fresh air. It is important to move, to get out, to make a change of scenery.

Active phases and recovery phases can alternate. In the recovery periods, you can gain some distance, gather your thoughts and let the day pass. Although sleep is very important, a trip – whether alone or with friends – can contribute to the recovery.


Sometimes your own imagination and personal abilities are just waiting to be shown or promoted. It is never too late to dare and discover a new pastime or to complete further education.

Creative activities allow the expression of positive and negative emotions in other ways than words. This can reduce tension and worries.

Learning something new and developing new skills is stimulating to the mind, strengthens self-confidence and helps break out of routine. This can also be useful from a professional point of view.

Fact: Cantons, municipalities, and cities offer a variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities or further education. Some of them are even free. There are also organizations that financially support people from low-income backgrounds.

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You can also talk to professionals about your problems, their job, listening to them and finding solutions together with you. To ask for help is by no means a weakness, but quite the contrary!