Benefits Of Meditation – How It Can Transform Your Brain


What are some major benefits of meditation, and why it works? I believe the most important type of education that we need to invest in is transformational education. I don’t really hesitate to say that it’s a type of education that many of our learning institutes forgot to teach us.


School may teach you a lot of things but transformational education isn’t one of them. Transformational education is about the Inner state: Accessing your altered state of consciousness and it teaches: How to go within by doing meditation practices. When you are feeling sad or depressed.



Basically, it lets you navigate your personal inner world journey away from stress and into stillness to bring yourself into full alignment with your life purpose. it’s a process to attain an inner state of your mind to spend time in thought for relaxation as I mentioned above. Meditation involves your focus and concentration on something like feeling, sound, image & visualizing.

The actual goal of meditation practices is to go within your mind to attain awareness and spiritual growth.


There are so many other benefits of meditation like improving skin, your eyesight, your heart health, and your intelligence. Nobody can tell why it works but it truly works.

Defining why It can be very beneficial for your health. There are many meditation exercises that you can do to accelerate your muscular development. People think that it’s too expensive to stay healthy. But with proper nutrition & meditation exercises, you can add a couple more years to your life.


Practicing meditation exercises can be very helpful to discover better ideas. It can develop your strength of quick thinking and decision making, meditation is not just about becoming better at inner state. Meditation is about becoming better-functioning in the world. there are so many studies that show what you visualize in your mind, you can help accelerate in the world.

Thomas Edison once said, “Ideas come from space It’s hard to believe but it is true”. Did you ever get the reference? By doing meditation exercises we can actually tap into these altered states to fundamentally make better decisions & drag out better Ideas to implement in our real modern world.

When you will understand that you can actually use meditation practices to become better at life and making better business decisions, you will see meditation in a completely different way.


While people are learning Mindfulness and meditation. Scientists are discovering that it has an incredible impact on almost every dimension of our life. Research has confirmed that by doing meditation practices changes really take place in our body. And this is becoming increasingly important. Also by doing these exercises, it can help you relieve your subjective levels of anxiety & depression, it plays a major role in improving your attention, health, concentration, and your overall psychological well being.

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Meditation exercises — certainly worth a shot if you’re not doing it already. if you have 30 minutes in the morning or evening, rather than spending time on social media, try some meditation exercise and see what happens when you try to quiet-down your mind. At least try to pay attention to your thoughts and letting them go without reacting to them. According to research “If it’s right”, these practices will make a big difference.

I recommend you to read: Mindfulness In Plain English book by – Henepola Gunaratana. It’s one of the bestselling & most influential books in the field of mindfulness.