Worst Supplements – You Shouldn’t Waste Money On

Here I Have A List Of The Six Worst Supplements That You Shouldn’t Waste Money On.

Whether you are trying to burn fat or build muscle you should be looking for supplements that can actually help you and you want to avoid the ones that are gonna hurt you and simply waste your money. Worst supplements can lead you to serious side-effects and can break your muscle-building efforts.



I can guarantee most of you have a multi-vitamin sitting on your shelf. While getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals is a good thing but, Synthetic multivitamins can be very problematic. Your body can’t effectively absorb synthetically created vitamins and minerals. That’s why you’ll find up to 1000% of your daily recommended allowance for a nutrient in just one serving. Even though, chances are high that you won’t overdose on a Synthetic multivitamin. All of that excess over your daily recommended allowance is gonna go to waste. Not to mention many of these nutrients compete with each other. For example, taking CALCIUM and ZINC together interferes with the absorption of zinc. Also, studies are conflicting at best on whether a multivitamin can truly help or not. Save your money and get your daily vitamins and minerals from natural fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.



Hoodia Gordonii is a plant from South Africa. And it’s made waves over a decade ago as a weight loss supplement. The problem is that it was released with reported weight-loss benefits and no real studies to back it up. Once studies began, The results were so embarrassing. A study found that a group of over 200 people supplementing with hoodia experienced different types of side effects. The most common was Nausea and Vomiting. The placebo group had no problems at all despite these results. You will still find Hoodia widely sold & incorporated into weight-loss supplements.


The protein that you get from eating real beef is good & it’s bioavailable. It supports muscle-building efforts and helps you with weight management. However, beef protein powder supplements are not made from real meat. Beef protein powder is the result of taking cow leftovers such as bones & tendons. After boiling them and then drying the results into a flavored protein powder form. It’s a way to make a cheap product and sell it at a higher price tag. This type of protein powder has a terrible rate of bioavailability. And the creatine levels found in natural beef are non-existent in this Type of supplement. Just because you see beef protein on the label doesn’t mean anything. Try to avoid this type of scam companies. And stick with Whey protein for weight-loss and muscle-building purposes.



Leucine metabolite is often touted as, an excellent way to support lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, the research doesn’t exactly agree. The research examined the result of several studies on *HMB* and not much could be said. In fact, some researchers commented that “Stricter controls were needed on HMB studies to determine whether or not it could enhance fitness results”. While HMB might be able to prevent a degree of muscle break-down. It’s often marketed as an anabolic supplement, That increases muscle mass but no reputable human-based study has evidence of its muscle-building affection.


It promotes the idea of muscle building, Fat loss, And a positive mood. Unfortunately, most of the testosterone boosters you find online or at your local supplement stores are useless. There are two major problems with Testosterone boosters. First: Many blends contain ingredients with no scientific evidence to back up the claims of their testosterone improving ability. Second: In testosterone booster does contain an effective ingredient it’s underdosed to the point of being ineffective. If you want to improve your testosterone levels naturally focus on diet and exercise, And avoid these types of supplements.



This supplement became a Star. Thanks to DR. OZ when he understands, It as a miracle in a bottle. Dr. OZ got to the congress for making unproven claims in order to sell supplements. Human trials show that there was no difference between the group taking ”Garcinia cambogia” and the control group. If you want to lose weight you have to look somewhere else.



Stop wasting your money on supplements. And change your lifestyle. Get on a sleep schedule, Avoid electronics an hour before bed, Try a natural calming tea like Chamomile. If you want to lean bulk spend that money on real food like Chicken breast, Brown rice, and Coconut oil. If you need a supplement for building muscle. Go with regular Whey protein and for extra calories, you could add on Coconut oil, Peanut butter, And a whole bunch of extra ingredients like whole eggs. In order to give it a higher calorie count.

Do you have any other supplements that you think might be worse than some of the ones I mentioned above?