Achievement Of Goals: Simple Steps To More Success

When it comes to the book, “The Richest Man of Babylon,” by George Clason, success can be defined by what goals you set and then accomplish. Thus, the word “goal achievement” has something to do with the term “success”.

The biggest mistakes you can make in setting goals:

Basically, goals are incredibly important. Not only in private but also in the company. But you can also commit mistakes for a purpose that makes you unproductive and frustrated.


One of the most common mistakes is to make goals too small. You do not need to be modest! The greatest men and women of our time have thought big and moved so much. “Think big” is the motto that you should keep in mind. The ability to *think big* to me, Is one of the main reasons for extreme success. Limiting your goals to an “Achievable” level which you know you can accomplish. Certainly means limiting your expectations, your standards, and your outcomes. Individuals who achieve big avoid limiting their goals by taking the long road — setting themselves big goals.

How to set big goals? Eliminate fear and negative thoughts that produce limitations and small thinking. Don’t use the word ”Impossible”. Great individuals and successful thinkers always find a reason “why they can”. Big thinkers take problems as a challenge to overcome. For them, problems are just another reason to grow. It’s an efficient way to create unlimited possibilities.

Big Thinking, Big Outcomes!


The second mistake in your goal is that while you think big, your goal is very far away because you have no intermediate goals built in. So, if you’re aiming to be a millionaire, that’s good. But you will only achieve this if you incorporate intermediate goals or stages. Always keep an eye on your goal.

This gives you a plan and an overview of where you are currently and where you want to be in less time.


The third and perhaps biggest mistake happens when you do not carry out your goal-oriented actions continuously. Let’s say you want to lose 5 kilograms of body weight in one month. If you can not maintain continuity and eat healthy for 3 of the 4 weeks, but only consume ice cream, burgers, and pizza in the last week, you’re unlikely to reach your goal. ”Goal achievement failed!” 

How do you stay on the track continuously? By establishing your actions as a habit and keeping an eye on the benefits of your goal every day. If you go to the gym every other day for 4 years, you need a lot of discipline and motivation. It’s like brushing your teeth because you can not go without it. It has become a part of your life. Plan the steps to your destination right in your weekly schedule.


Being successful is truly about developing a fearless and right state of mind. All of this clearly shows us that achieving success in what you wish, Is about how you approach towards it mentally. Moreover, it’s not about your circumstances. Regardless of how your life situation is you can still make a big difference and pursue success.