A Secret To Success - Warren Buffett
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Warren Buffett’s Secret To Success


The estimated fortune of investor Warren Buffett is $ 82.5 billion. That makes him the third richest man in the world, according to Forbes.  How does he manage to be so successful? Warren Buffett’s Secret To Success: He creates an emergency-to-do list) in three simple steps.

No wonder that the 89-year-old has one or the other trick up his sleeve. How has he managed to be successful over many years? His secret is to focus. Instead of writing a long to-do list, he does just the opposite – he writes an emergency-to-do list.


That’s what Buffett revealed, to his private pilot, As author Scott Dinsmore writes on his blog. Just because the billionaire does not fly with airliners. He has a private jet. His pilot asked him for a tip because he wanted to achieve more of his goals. The investor had a simple solution in three steps. Anyone can follow these:

Step 1:
Write down your 25 most important goals. Everything you want to achieve professionally comes on this list. You can make the list for your entire working life, but also for shorter periods of time, such as the 25 most important goals for a month or a week.

Step 2:
Choose the five most important ones out of the 25 goals. Circling or writing separately.

Step 3:
Swipe the other 20 goals.

Finished. The logical consequence: If you only work on the five most important goals, you can reach them faster. That all summarize the Warren Buffett’s secret to success!


The remaining 20 destinations make up the not-to-do list. These should be ignored, necessarily while pursuing the top five goals according to Buffett. Otherwise, the actual projects get too little attention. If you follow this rule, you will end up with five completed projects instead of 20 started.

The fact that Warren Buffett only works on his five most important goals at the same time does not mean that he works less hard. Once he has completed the five most important goals, he takes the next five. By doing so, he makes sure not to do much half-hearted, but to excel in a few things.


Even if you focus on them, it is not always possible to achieve all career goals. In this case, it is important to eliminate those in time. After all, projects that are not successful become time-wasters.

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Of course, doing fewer things at the same time does not mean working less. Warren Buffett is many things, but certainly not lazy. Although he says of himself that he reads five to six hours a day. He has realized how effective it can be to concentrate on a few things. Because: It’s more likely to reach your goals if you focus fully on them.

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