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It’s limited, so it’s even more important that we divide it properly. Unfortunately, apps are often used only as a pastime, many people forget that they can also be useful and they can help you with your everyday work. With the help of these apps, you can increase your productivity and have more time for the important things in life! The number of productivity apps on the market is huge, to help you find the most useful apps among them, I have put together a list of my personal favorite best productivity apps.



Trello is a mix of (to-do list) and project manager. The app allows you to keep track of several projects and tasks without collapsing under the flood of information. If you want to check out and manage different projects simultaneously from your smartphone or tablet, then Trello is one of the best options for doing so. The organizational system is kanban-based on cards and each of these cards can contain members, labels, data, and other information. Anyone can view, customize, and move them so that multiple users can work on a project in one flow. All this is synchronized through the cloud, so you can access the Trello account both on the Internet and on your mobile devices.



Although Photoshop is also available on the smartphone, Adobe has divided the program into four different apps. If you do not want to install so many applications, you should use Snapseed. Google’s free app combines many of the features of Photoshop and even Lightroom in just one program. Even RAW files eat the program and even provides an extra tool for development. Snapseed is just as useful for newbies as it is for professionals.



Hootsuite is the perfect app for all social media planners and influencers out there. With the application, it is possible to manage several social media accounts at the same time – even if they are from different platforms. The most practical thing is that with Hootsuite you can also plan for Instagram posts, something that Instagram does not offer on its own. In addition, the app provides plenty of statistics and ways to interact directly with the followers, without switching back and forth between the different channels.



Many have heard of Evernote, people hardly seem to know the Microsoft alternative OneNote. And it is sometimes even preinstalled on certain smartphones (yes, even those with Android). OneNote is like a digital note and a drawing book. You can do pretty much anything there that digital paper allows. Scratch off by hand, insert multimedia content such as videos or e-mails or even image excerpts of any kind. With OneNote, you can create a digital mood board, mind map or a pin board.



Toggl sounds a bit like a superfluous app at first. In fact, it can help optimize the day. As? By showing you how much time you spend on different tasks. Toggl works a bit like a stopwatch. You enter a new task, click on Play and the timer is already running. Once you have completed the task, click on Stop.

Of course, you could do something like that with a stopwatch, but Toggl offers much more. With the collected data one can have statistics compiled, Like how much time is wasted for which task. once you recognize, You can optimize that. The app itself is constantly learning and makes suggestions on how to better structure your day. And for freelancers, the app is only helpful, because the subjective time perception is often wrong anyway.



Everyone who has to write a text in English will love this app. Not only does Grammarly help you write flawlessly, but it also improves your writing style. The application constantly analyzes the written texts and, if necessary, makes suggestions for improvement. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Grammarly is said to be especially useful and a lot better than, for example, Auto-correcting Word.



Todoist is an app that makes it super easy to create a todo list. In contrast to Google’s calendar, which can also be used as a to-do list, but Todoist offers plenty of practical additional functions. For example, you can share a task with friends, set priority levels, and even add files to a task.



Adobe Fill and Sign does exactly what you suspect by name. With the app, PDF documents can be completed electronically and signed. You can also grasp the signature with your finger. Anyone who has to sign a printed form can simply take a photo and then digitally sign it. However, important contracts should not be signed, or at least be informed in advance whether an electronic signature is considered legally valid by the contracting party.

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Of course, there are countless productivity apps on the Google Play Store that can help you with your work routine and deserve a mention here. However, These are some of my personal favorites. Which one do you use? Or which one do you think readers should try? Write to us with your recommendations in the comments!