Home Workout For Arms – No Gym Training Guide


How to strengthen your arms without equipment? Here in this “Home Workout For Arms Guide”, I will demonstrate exercises on how you can train your arm muscles at home without any heavy equipment.

Strong, well-trained arms – that is the goal of many men. In the gym, the seats in front of the mirrors are scarce, guys in sweat-soaked muscle shirts heave the dumbbells up and down in the best “iron-pumping” manner, their faces distorted into grimaces. Again and again, sounds that are reminiscent of a mixture of primal screams and the moan of tennis.

If you don’t feel like it, you can also shape your arm muscles at home. It is not necessary to buy heavy pieces of equipment, you will find pretty much everything you need in the household. That is the reason why I have put together a classic home workout for arms training-guide.



Before you start, start with dynamic mobilization exercises! These perfectly prepare muscles and joints for the active exercises that make up the main part of your workout.


The easiest way to train the biceps and companions without equipment is to do a classic chin-up. The palms face up and the grip is shoulder-width or narrower. Of course, as with every pull-up variant, you also train your back muscles. Consciously try to create a muscle and mind connection by focusing solely on flexing your upper arm to increase the weight of the muscles involved in your arms.




If you do not own a sling strap, you can also create another excellent option with a long rope to train your upper arms with body weight. As shown in this picture – slings straps can be used for different exercises for arms with various angles, targetting overall arms muscles (Triceps, biceps, forearm).

Attach the aid over your head – preferably to a tree or beam. Make sure that both ends are the same length. To have multiple grip options, tie the lower end of the rope into a loop. Now you can do the exercise with the lower, upper, or hammer grip. Hold the rope firmly and slowly put your body back until you hold your weight with the rope.

Make the mandatory board by building and holding a full-body tension. The more acute the angle between your body and the floor, the more strenuous the exercise. Now try to pull your body further up just by bending your elbow. The upper arm hardly moves here.


Note: The program is not only suitable for men. Well-defined arms are also desirable for women. with consistency and proper training, women will also develop desirable arms over time.


Analogous to the exercise ‘tight pull-ups for the biceps’, tight push-ups for the triceps can be performed at home. This strength training also trains the chest and shoulder but focuses on the muscles of the upper arm through execution and arm position. The elbows are close to the body and the hands are shoulder-width or closer together at chest level. Again, try to concentrate 100% in the head on the movement in the arm.




Kickbacks are particularly suitable for your home gym, as they are a strenuous exercise for the fitness of your arm stretcher even with small weights. The tried-and-tested water bottle or tube is used again.

Get into the quadruped stand and place the arm to be trained on the side of your ribs. Extend your forearm completely before slowly returning to the starting position at a 90 ° elbow angle. Be careful not to get a swing.

If you are exercising with a weight, you can make the exercise more difficult by lowering your upper body. Place your head gently on the floor with your forehead.

Your back keeps a strong straight line to the bottom, which marks the highest point. The upper arm is still parallel to the line of the body. Your new starting angle is now around 45 ° in the elbow joint.


“This image is used for having an idea” You can also take a box, a small chest, or a box of water instead! Place your “training mat” on the floor, then lie on your back with your head just in front of the object. Raise your legs slightly and tighten your stomach for a safe and stable position. Extend your arms towards the ceiling and fix your upper arms in this position. Now bend your arm and reach behind you to pick up your weight. Extend your arms completely and then put the weight back behind your head.




If you want to train your forearms, you can do this either by climbing (climbing: super-efficient full-body sport) or by packing and holding heavy objects. Tubes with a thicker diameter than normal barbell bars are also ideal for increasing hand strength and forcing the forearms. In addition, the following two exercises are recommended:


Find a round piece of wood – from an old broomstick, for example. You either drill a hole in the middle or screw a screw in. Here you attach a cord about one meter long. Tie a small bag to the other end of the cord, which you can fill with weights as you like. Now grasp the wood with both hands and turn it until the bag reaches the wood. The exercise can also be carried out in the under-grip.


Place your forearm on a flat surface. Grab an old hammer at the lowest point of the stem. Now slowly rotate your forearm so that the hammerhead moves from the left side to the right side in a semi-circular motion.

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As we are in a global crisis most of us switching to home workout programs. This home workout for arms guide is proven to be effective – backed by research. I wish you lots of fun and a few sore muscles for your arm training in your own four walls during these difficult times!