Using Inner Forces To Achieve More


Using Inner Forces To Achieve More – How to Use Your Real Inner Forces Instantly – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbin’s ideas are about our beliefs, our inner rules that cause conflict with other people, inner monologues, understanding and controlling our emotions, our identity, and more many other components of a personality. In essence, Tony Robbins provides a starting point for change for those who are currently unable to achieve what they would like. In his theory, success and happiness depend on our inner life. What sounds a bit esoteric at first makes perfect sense.

So here’s how you can achieve more using inner forces.


Questions influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. A colleague asks you, “Do you find this project as frustrating as I do?”, It creates negative thoughts and feelings. Your brain is now trying to figure out how frustrating this stupid project is, and will focus on circumstances that you might not have found so frustrating in advance. Who helped? No one! On the contrary, the mood is negative, any motivation destroyed, you feel bad. If you are asked the other way around “This project is great! Have you ever considered what we can do with our concept in motion? “This question puts you directly in a positive mood. Your brain is looking for an answer to a positive question.

Also, and especially the questions of how we set ourselves influence our feelings and actions. If you ask yourself, “What do I want to do next?” Your brain is looking for answers to this question and will find them: clothes, cars, TVs. But you might also ask, “What must the plan I need to achieve my financial goals look like?”. The fact is, the questions we ask determine the goals we focus on.

But watch out what questions you ask yourself the whole day. “Damn, why does it always rain when I have to get out?”, “Why am I doing everything wrong?”, “Does the idiot want to upset me ?!”

Instead of being trapped in negative and unproductive thoughts, we should ask ourselves what we can learn from unpleasant situations so that something does not happen again.


Many people suffer from it: they let themselves be driven. They believe that life is a river that you jump into without deciding where to lead it. They have decided not to decide and get carried away by current events, feelings, and fears. When they come to a fork, they do not consciously decide which direction they want to take, but let themselves be driven by the current. Then one day, they are startled by the noise of the roaring waterfall and realize that they are in a boat without oars just one meter from the Niagara Falls. But the awakening comes too late and not infrequently an emotional, physical or financial crash is the result.

What to do to prevent this scenario? Both paddles in the boat and row! And in a certain direction, for which you have decided before. Taking life in hand instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Actively make decisions that lead you to where you want to be!


Our society has placed so much emphasis on immediate gratification that short-term solutions often become long-term problems. The decision is not to do that, but rather to focus on long-term outcomes so important to any decision we make in life.

Maybe you’ve heard of the future self? It speaks to you all the time! It says to your present-day self, “I know, present-me, the cigarettes are tasty and you’re feeling a bit stressed, but please think of me, your future self! I do not want lung cancer!

Listen now to the future and look at the long-term pain, if possible, Beware of long-term effects instead of the short-term joyful satisfaction.


The thought patterns that have brought us to the point where we stand today will not get us where we want to be. Therefore, Tony Robbins has a job for us: For ten consecutive days, no unproductive thoughts or feelings to arise or indulge in it.

Here are some hints:

  • Consciously avoid crippling questions and vocabulary.
  • If you are going to focus on something negative (and that will happen), immediately ask yourself, “What is positive about that? What could be improved? “.
  • Focus on solutions.

If you relapse, you have to start over. The trick is to fill up the ten days without interruption. For example, if you fall into a negative spiral on day 4, you must start from scratch again.

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Those who are interested in inner life – from dreams, beliefs, metaphors, and emotions to values, rules, identity formation and destiny – and how you can achieve more using inner forces. Also, who want to understand and develop their personality sustainably can not avoid reading Tony Robbins books. It includes many aspects of personality development.