How To End A Bad Day On A Positive Note

How To End A Bad Day On A Positive Note

Every one of us experiences bad days, no matter where you are on the personal ladder of success or how much inner calm you have. Anger at work, stress, hectic pace – you take all of this home with you every day. There is no longer any talk of relaxation. And it is hard to think of a nice evening after work and easy sleep. Here’s how you can end a bad day on a positive note.

How nice it would be if you sometimes just had to press a button and switch off all the negative thoughts in your head in order to enjoy the well-deserved evening. But isn’t too hard to do? Maybe, but not impossible! The reason why some things seem impossible is due to the fact that many people do not pursue sensible strategies to be able to consciously influence their world of thoughts and feelings in a positive way. There are many possibilities and methods that you can learn and thus achieve positive effects in yourself that were by no means thought possible.

Here are five starting strategies to end a bad day on a positive note:

How To End A Bad Day On A Positive Note

Discharge Your Negative Emotions

Find a place on your way home. It should be a place that you always pass by. This can be a small patch of meadow next to the road, a space behind the garage, or wherever. In the future, this will be your “garbage dump” where you can unload everything. If you now pass this place, you are deliberately throwing off all of your daily ballast. All the negative thoughts and emotions, the stress, the anger. Put all of this in your imagination in a package and throw this garbage away. Make this a ritual for a bad day and believe me, it works!

Working Out

Find a way to really exhaust yourself. This works best with exercise. Regardless of whether you do push-ups until you can no longer, as often as possible – all of this will bring you down again and clear your head. Movement frees your mind! Rule of success: Make sure that you get really out of breath at least once a day!

Five Minutes Of Silence

Allow yourself at least five minutes of complete rest after exertion (the above-described exhaustion). Retreat to a quiet place where nobody will bother you – neither other people nor a cell phone ringing, television, or radio. This place can also be your car if you cannot find another place of retreat. Just take care of silence, calm, and be alone. Just five minutes. These moments of silence help your head to reevaluate many things, to be able to process thoughts and feelings better, and to find inner peace again. By the way, it can also be more than 5 minutes!

Treat Yourself To Something Good

Do something good for you. Not just anywhere, but instantly! Treat yourself with something that you enjoy with your senses. This can be a sport, singing, eating something good, reading, going for a walk, dealing with lovely animals, painting, playing the guitar. The possibilities are endless. No matter what you do: It is only important that you reward yourself with it and that you can really switch off so that your head can recharge your batteries. Read more on: The Brain Reward System

The Positive Day Review

Even if your day was terrible, there are always positive things that happened too. We just have to look for it. Small gestures from other people, small successes, a few rays of sunshine, or whatever – there is always something to look at. Often it is mainly the very small experiences, such as a friendly smile or a beautiful cloudy sky, that can give us real energy, if we only finally become more aware of these moments. Draw your attention to the positive experiences of the day, even if they were small. And the most important thing: write down your thoughts and any positive aspects you have found in a small book! Firstly, this increases the effect and, secondly, you can pick up this little book one day, read it and give your soul a little short vacation. There is a lot of energy to read about what has motivated, excited, and delighted you over the last six months.

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Bottom Line:

I also experienced such “uncomfortable” days. How do I deal with it? In short, I need something relaxing in the evening, something that lets me calm down and clears my head again. And that can be something completely banal: In summer, for example, I like to sit down on the terrace with a cup of tea and just look at my work with satisfaction just to be proud of what I have accomplished in a day. Or if this doesn’t help I usually go for a brutal workout, as I believe workout is the most ignored form of therapy. It may not work for everyone – However, personally, for me, it does help a lot.