Leadership Tips Every Manager Should Know These

Leadership Tips: Every Manager Should Know These


You read well-intentioned advice and leadership tips and rarely get an explanation of why this insider tip should actually work.

So here I want to share my knowledge with you and give you leadership tips that can help you to keep your employees happy in the long term. Let me explain to you why a social theory should help you in your position as a manager and which tips I would still like to recommend to you when it comes to the satisfaction of your employees.


What, you have a high throughput of young, motivated employees who leave you after a relatively short time? And you think they just want to gain new experiences for their careers, which has nothing to do with you at all? Unfortunately, that’s not the case always. Here are some leadership essentials key to remember when dealing with your employees.

Your organization can benefit a lot from these leadership tips:


Do you actually know that your boss has planned a joint venture with an American company and one of your best employees is being pulled off for it? And do you know that this position needs to be filled as soon as possible? No? Do you know that new teams have been formed to work on important projects? Again no? Then I would say that your company has a serious communication problem. Yes, communication can be exhausting, but it is one of the most important bases for effective collaboration.

Only when you tell your employees what to expect can they adapt to them and work with expectations. If not, distrust arises and you run the risk of being questioned as a manager. So think it over again. And another tip on communication: Conduct exit interviews with external companies. This is how you hear the truth about possible undesirable developments in the department or in the company.


Have you ever heard of the theory of cognitive control? It assumes the motivation of everyone to predict, explain, and influence events. Only when these conditions are in place do we humans come to terms with decisions or events better, otherwise, there is a loss of control and even if you do not want to admit it – everyone likes control, to a healthy extent, of course. And that’s how your employees feel too. Let’s take a banal example: “You tell your employee that he shouldn’t get coffee before 10 a.m” – at 9:55 a.m. Instruction from the boss.

Sure, rules have to be, and sometimes there is no time for explanation. However, if you had told your employee this the evening before, briefly explained to him that this inconvenience had occurred due to maintenance work and that he would be happy to get a coffee from the other floor, your employee will easily deal with the situation and will be satisfied and convinced come to work. If not, you face dissatisfaction, uncertainty, or even loss of authority. Do you think this example is absurd and not relevant? Then transfer it to your daily project and team management and risk-taking over a perspective. You will be surprised!


Not correct! By removing all responsibility from your employees, you make them feel helpless. Not your problem? Wrong again. After all, you are only so good because your team performs so well. I do not recommend that you no longer feel responsible for the implementation or area of ​​responsibility for projects. However, by trying to no longer want to control your employees, you give them the freedom they need to develop – and make motivated collaboration possible.

And, could I convince you of one or the other idea? Try to deal with one or the other aspect and do not linger in the belief that none of this concerns you. Because self-knowledge is the first way to get better. And for a successful career.


Everyone has a different personality, no question. And everyone has different needs. However, let yourself be said: Just because you are someone who does not need external confirmation, you should not assume that the same applies to your employees. To be honest, you are quite an exception in this regard.

People are social beings and appreciation and praise are balms for the soul. Even if you have to do without it in your leadership position (give your boss this article to read), you have employees who still need to grow and positive reinforcement has been a recognized method for motivating and encouraging people for years To inspire top performance.

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Pay particular attention to employees who are subordinate to you alone. Larger teams can usually push each other, but if you have a one-man team under you, you should make sure that your assistant is not dissatisfied…