The key to long-term health and happiness is a mindset. After reading books on productivity, mindset, and life management. Written by famous authors from around the world and testing them practically through failure, I realized that the information was life-changing for me. And it going to be life-changing for anyone in the world who stuck somewhere in their lives. As for the topic of motivation you probably know motivation is the driving force that allows people to complete their goals. As the author of “The Untethered Soul,” Michael Alan Singer writes, “no solution can possibly exist while you’re lost in the energy of the problem. ” Exactly! there are certain times in our lives when we feel as we’re lost or have gone off course. Dedication replaced with distractions and you don’t want to continue what you have started. So, it is the time where you really need to recharge your motivation through pieces of advice. And I’m here to provide a list of ideas that will help you to stay motivated. My main purpose is to promote the idea of self-improvement, discovering better ways, better ideas, and better perspectives, for living a happy and more organized life.

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